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What are the risk factors of medication errors?

How many of us consider the accuracy of the prescriptions we pick up regularly from the pharmacy? Most would question a dose of a routinely taken medication that appears markedly different, but with different generics constantly being rotated through pharmacies, even those can differ widely in appearance. Below are some questions and answers regarding the safety of pharmaceutical dispensing methods.

-- Is there tracking for the national rate of medication errors? No. Because hospitals and medical facilities rely primarily on voluntary reporting when near misses and errors occur, tracking is futile.

Attorney needed for premises liability case

Believe it or not, many cases of premises liability are issued against hotels for various reasons. Have you been injured during a stay at a hotel through no fault of your own? You may have slipped on a wet floor, or had a hand railing fail to hold your weight while you are on a stairway.

You have a general expectation of safety because there are rules and laws that cover this type of thing in the United States. However, not all buildings in the hotel industry are up to snuff. When the owners fail to keep their property safe for public use, they can be held liable in the court of law in Pennsylvania.

What are the consequences of severe burn injuries?

It's hard to imagine injuries more horrific than severe and disfiguring burns. Whether resulting from an industrial accident, explosion or car crash, in addition to their physical wounds, survivors of burn injuries have psychological traumas to cope with as well.

Burn patients experience a full spectrum of distress. The disfigurement from the burns can isolate them from others, even friends and family members, because of the reactions of others to their altered appearance. Many report feeling helpless when strangers stare at them when they are out in public. Others become depressed because they believe that no one will look beyond their disfigurement and want to share a relationship with them.

Serious injury can occur in treatment programs for youth

Being seriously injured can happen in the most unlikely places, like a boot camp for juvenile offenders and residential centers. In the near past, some of the injuries that have made the newspaper and local media in the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, area have been surprising. What happens when you are injured or your child is seriously hurt while in a camp that they have been assigned to by the court system?

Many of the boot camps and therapeutic wilderness camps use the military style of tough love to bring teenagers who have trouble in life to come around to another way of thinking. It is often very "in your face" and demands absolute obedience or there are major consequences. Where is the line drawn between tough love and serious injury?

Do I have grounds to file a wrongful death suit?

Life isn't always fair. Some people seem to literally get away with murder, such as when their actions and/or negligence result in the death of another person. When something like this occurs, the loved ones of the deceased suffer terribly, especially when no criminal charges arise or the person is acquitted.

It doesn't have to end there, however. Even if there is not enough evidence to prosecute or convict the person in criminal court when a wrongful death occurs, a cause of action may exist for survivors to file a civil suit.

Motor vehicle accident causes death of 5 people

Getting into an accident in Pennsylvania can be a harrowing experience. Not everyone drives carefully. All of a sudden, your car is damaged and you have unexpected medical bills.

A multi-car accident that involved one of the cars catching on fire left five people dead and saw the interstate blocked for approximately 12 hours. The authorities are still unsure what caused the horrific vehicle accident.

Tips for avoiding car accidents after a breakdown

Pennsylvania drivers are at a higher risk of being injured in a car accident if their vehicles break down on the highway. Below are some tips to help avoid becoming a crash statistic.

Your first priority must be to get your car to the side of the road so that it's not an obstruction to oncoming traffic. If that is not possible, set up warning devices like cones or flares to increase visibility. Set them up at intervals of 100 feet behind the disabled car. Passengers can also flag vehicles to slow down from a safe distance.

What is an attractive nuisance in Pennsylvania?

Having children in Pennsylvania is such a blessing. They are curious and can be so much fun. Unfortunately, this curiosity and need to explore can lead them to danger. Objects that we use every day can be lethal to a child. If your children are in places, such as a daycare or a store, that have hazardous materials in it, there is a greater responsibility on the owner's behalf to ensure that the children are safe.

Is there an "attractive nuisance" lurking around your child? There are three components to an attractive nuisance doctrine of law:

Nursing home falls cause head injuries

It might not be surprising to Philadelphia residents that studies indicate that when the elderly fall in nursing homes, over a third of them hit their heads.

However unsurprising it may be, the finding alarms one Canadian researcher, who points out that when younger people stumble and fall, their heads are rarely impacted.

Medical malpractice in Pennsylvania defined

If there is one person in your life that you need to be able to trust, it is your physician. Doctors have the schooling and supposed knowledge to assist you with providing care when you are sick or injured. It really isn't uncommon for doctors to make mistakes; even the best doctor has an off day and an off diagnosis. Being misdiagnosed can lead to the wrong treatment.

A physician in Pennsylvania can be held accountable if his or her diagnosis is wrong or doesn't happen at all. If you would have recovered because of a right and timely diagnosis, your doctor may be at fault for medical malpractice. Doctors practice something called "differential diagnosis." That means that he or she makes a list in descending order of the likelihood for diagnoses to be most probable, given your symptoms.

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