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Premises liability claims vigorously defended in city

There are many ways that you might get injured walking on the streets or conducting business in Philadelphia. You could trip over a piece of broken curb while crossing the street, be struck by a police car as it pursues a suspect or even stumble and fall inside a hallway inside of city hall.

While that list of possibilities is certainly not all-inclusive, it does open up the possibility of premises liability litigation against owners of private businesses or the city of Philadelphia itself.

Could a road sign have saved a 15-year-old crash victim?

In 2011, a 15-year-old girl was killed in a tragic car accident in Pittston Township, Pennysylvania. The driver of the vehicle that crashed, a 16-year-old without a driver's license, was charged with homicide by vehicle in juvenile court. He was found delinquent shortly after the accident.

According to testimony by a retired Pennsylvania state trooper in the wrongful death trial, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is partially at fault for the accident because there was no curve sign on Suscon Road right before the accident occurred. The state trooper is also a crash reconstructionist. However, PennDOT's attorneys said that the signs wouldn't have mattered. According to pretrial hearing testimony, the driver of the car had already said he was going 130 mph before the accident happened and around 90 mph when the accident occurred after he lost control.

What happens to the brain after a traumatic injury?

Earlier, we addressed the long term effects of traumatic brain injuries for our Philadelphia readers. We're going to take a step back and examine what changes occur to the brain when someone suffers a TBI.

TBIs aren't caused by brain tumors, lack of oxygen flow to the brain or strokes. To qualify as a TBI, the person must suffer a blow to the head from some external force. Likely causes are falls, gunshot wounds and auto accidents. A person can get a serious TBI and remain conscious the entire time, but common signs of TBI include at least one of the below symptoms:

National Teen Driver Safety Week approaches in Pennsylvania

On October 19, National Teen Driver Safety Week begins in the United States. This is a time for focusing on keeping young drivers safe on the road, and one of the points of emphasis this year should be the use of cellphones and other mobile devices. After all, a recent survey found that young drivers -- though some were older than teens -- end up being distracted by these devices more often than older drivers, leading to more crashes and near-crashes.

On the whole, 6,000 people were involved in the survey. They were said to be no younger than 18 and no older than 34. The calling process was randomized.

Philadelphia hospital technician fired over privacy breaches

Recently, the woman who was arrested for her participation in the assault on a gay couple in Philadelphia was fired from her position as a technician in the Lansdale Hospital emergency room. She was terminated for invading patients' privacy by posting inappropriate images and tweets to her Twitter account.

The hospital's parent company, Abingdon Health, issued a statement regarding the employee's termination. It reads, in part: "We are investigating . . . this employee's Twitter account for potential violations of patient privacy and our organization's social media policy. Abington Health takes patient privacy and confidentiality very seriously and is fully investigating this matter."

Emergency room errors can cause serious problems

It is one of the most critical moments in your life -- the moment in which you are diagnosed with a stroke or a heart attack. Yet, in all too many Philadelphia cases, patients are not properly diagnosed. This can even occur in top-notch hospitals' emergency rooms. With our medical establishment insisting on long hours and overworking their staff members, it is no wonder that so many emergency room errors are occurring. If your family has been victimized by medical mistakes in an emergency room, you deserve financial compensation for your civil claims.

We often think of medical malpractice in the context of surgery or birth injuries, but it may not be immediately obvious that emergency room mistakes also fall into this category. In all too many instances, our clients have suffered from worsened medical conditions because of a misdiagnosed heart attack or the failure to identify the signs of a stroke. Emergency room errors can lead to long-term consequences -- or even death -- and they should not be overlooked as a cause of medical malpractice lawsuits.

Walmart blamesTracy Morgan for own fracture and crush injuries

In a glaring example of adding insult to actual injury, CNN reports that corporate behemoth Walmart has responded to the civil lawsuit filed by comedian Tracy Morgan over the June accident that landed him in critical condition by blaming Morgan and his fellow passengers for their own injuries.

Philadelphia residents likely read of the accident that occurred this summer involving the former star of "Saturday Night Live." Morgan suffered injuries that included a fractured leg, broken ribs and a broken nose. Two other passengers in his limo bus were injured, and a third man died in the carnage on the New Jersey Turnpike after a semi driven by a Walmart driver ran into the rear of their vehicle early on the morning of June 7.

Accidental drowning: The silent killer of Pennsylvania children

Did you know that a child can drown in less than five minutes in a swimming pool in Pennsylvania? Often, those around the child never even notice that an accidental drowning is occurring -- swimming pools can be silent killers. Statistics show that, nationwide, drowning is the second-highest cause of death for children under the age of five. Only motor vehicle accidents cause more fatalities in that age group. As a consequence, homeowners are urged to protect their children and others from premises liability by improving their own backyard safety.

The first step toward improving kids' safety and health around pools is the challenging of assumptions that are held by their parents. In many cases, adults believe that the danger of drowning only occurs when the family is together using the pool. However, many kids drown when they wander outside and are drawn to the water; those youngsters may not yet realize the danger that the pool represents.

What are the long term effects of traumatic brain injuries?

Philadelphia residents have likely heard the term "traumatic brain injury" bandied about, perhaps in relation to injuries from a car accident or other violent and sudden trauma. But many may be unsure of what someone who suffers from such an injury actually experiences.

A traumatic brain injury can be a mild concussion that momentarily alters consciousness or mental status or it can be quite severe and result in an extended or even permanent state of amnesia or unconsciousness. There can be both short- and long-term changes in an injured person's emotions, thought processes, language and/or sensation. Approximately three-quarters of the traumatic brain injuries that occur annually are mild brain traumas like concussions.

Commercial car accidents do not always involve semi-trucks

Victims who have been injured in truck accidents in high-traffic areas should not have to suffer through their personal injury and emotional distress on their own. The fact is that many people who have been injured in Philadelphia auto accidents with commercial vehicles may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries and related losses. Personal injury cases can be high-stakes legal matters that require tenacity and dedication; choosing the right attorney to represent you after your car accident is a critical step.

When you think of a commercial vehicle accident, you may automatically bring a semi-truck to mind. Although 18-wheelers are involved in a variety of wrecks on Pennsylvania roads, they are not the only commercial vehicles to be considered by our personal injury attorneys. In fact, businesses use a wide range of vehicles to accomplish their occupational tasks.

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