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You can focus on your recovery with help from an attorney

Determining fault after an accident may seem like one more hurdle you have to jump to get the compensation you need even though you're injured and not in a position to stand up for yourself. That's a good reason for hiring your attorney; he or she can step in and help you argue for the compensation you deserve, not just the settlements you're offered.

Before you can receive any compensation, the person at fault for the accident must be determined. Normally, the person at fault is fairly obvious. For instance, if the other driver ran a red light, was intoxicated, was distracted or fell asleep, then you'd be able to easily argue that you were not at fault and that the other driver was behaving negligently.

Can you sue the government for your injuries?

Under what conditions might the government -- state, federal or local -- be responsible for your injuries? Below are a few possibilities.

Suppose that you collided with another vehicle due to malfunctioning traffic lights at an intersection. The agency or department tasked with the installation and upkeep of traffic signals could be held liable for your injuries in some cases.

Frontal lobe injuries: Changing personality, expensive recovery

The frontal lobe is an important part of the brain that controls no only emotions, but also the personalities of individuals. If this sector of the brain is damaged, then a number of symptoms can emerge. Changes in behavior are just one of the changes that you may notice.

The frontal lobe is also responsible for problem solving capabilities, spontaneity, impulse control, and even sexual behaviors. What's interesting to think about is that this small part of the brain is responsible for controlling nearly all the major motor functions along with many of the traits you may consider to be what make you different.

Birth control mix-up results in births, litigation

A class action lawsuit alleging negligence has been filed in Philadelphia against multiple pharmaceutical companies by over 100 women who got pregnant while taking birth control pills.

The plaintiffs allege that they got pregnant due to the pills being packaged out of sequence in more than 500,000 blister packs of the contraceptives. The litigation comes on the heels of a recall in 2011, when an Iowa woman discovered the pills were sequenced wrong.

You can seek compensation for serious and life-changing injuries

Personal injuries come in many forms, some of which are incredibly serious. When you're in a car accident or hurt as a pedestrian or cyclist, the injuries you suffer can be life-changing. Some of these injuries can heal over time, but others may require a lifetime of rehabilitation or care.

Car accidents are the leading cause of injuries in the United States. In 2012, 1.6 million car accidents resulted in injuries, some of which were serious. There are a few kinds of injuries that are considered to be the most serious. For instance, head and back injuries can lead to memory loss, paralysis, aneurysms, vision problems and other life-changing conditions.

Hurt on an Airbnb host's property? Who handles your claim?

All over the country, people are making money off leasing their properties for short-term rentals to tourists through the Airbnb website. When all goes well, it is a win-win situation for all parties involved. But when disasters occur, it can be tragic.

Such was the case for a family in another state when the family patriarch was killed while sitting on a rope swing suspended from a tree in the host's back yard. The limb broke under the man's weight and crashed down onto his head, causing a lethal injury.

Nationwide recall of Toyota and Scion vehicles explained

If you have a Toyota or Scion, you may be in contact with your attorney about the recent recall issued by Toyota that could affect you. According to the news, both Toyota and Scion vehicles have been affected by a power window defect that could lead to fires. The fires can start quickly from the simple flick of a switch, making it important for those with these vehicles to return them to Toyota for a repair as soon as possible.

The recall that was issued affects 2 million vehicles from the years 2007 through 2011. The exact defect, which is a power defect within the window's master switch, could cause a fire to ignite when the switch is used. The problem is caused by a lack of grease on the switch, which causes extra friction and the potential for a short circuit. When that happens, the switch could melt or overheat, leading to a fire in the vehicle.

Brain injuries can affect cognitive communication

What may seem like a minor injury often is anything but that when it involves a blow to the head. As doctors are learning, there really is no such diagnosis as a "minor concussion," and traumatic brain injuries can affect every facet of an injured person's life.

Some of the most devastating are TBIs affecting the cognitive-communication processes humans use to interact and function in society. These processes include:

You can fight for compensation after a wrongful death

Medical malpractice, including surgical errors or medication mistakes, can put your life at risk or cost you the life of a loved one. When you lose someone in a situation of medical negligence, you likely have the chance to file a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit. This can even be the case when your loved one was in nursing care.

Nursing homes are liable for the care they provide. The nurses and staff members should be acting appropriately to your loved one, and they should not be abusive or negligent. If your mother, for instance, needed medications three times each day at the same time, those times shouldn't be altered or skipped for no reason. If she needs help getting to the bathroom, someone should come quickly to help. These are common courtesies and part of the jobs the nurses and staff are expected to perform.

Do Good Samaritan laws protect nurses too?

Many people are confused about the protections provided by Good Samaritan laws, even (or especially) those in the health care fields. They may have concerns that they could lose their licenses or have extended legal liabilities simply because they have special training in the medical field.

The purpose of Good Samaritan laws is to offer legal protection to those who lend assistance to those who are injured at the emergency site. Medical professionals are covered just like everyone else who, in good faith, tries to save a life.

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