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Hypoxia and anoxia can change your life forever

When oxygen can't get to your brain, it begins to starve. During this process, brain cells die, leaving you with injuries that few can predict. If you go too long without oxygen, the damage can result in a coma or death.

Permanent brain damage is difficult to live with. For some, it means relearning how to talk to move. For others, it could mean being unable to do the things they once loved ever again. Anoxic brain injuries, which are caused when no oxygen is reaching the brain, and hypoxic brain injuries, those caused when the brain doesn't get enough oxygen, can be caused by a number of disorders and injuries. For instance, if you're strangled, you could suffer from hypoxia and eventually an anoxic brain injury. If your child is cut off from oxygen during birth, he could suffer permanent brain damage as a result.

Studies show juries side with doctors over plaintiffs

Bringing a medical malpractice case to a successful resolution is no mean feat. It takes dedication, legal savvy and skills to substantiate a client's claims of negligence at the hands of medical professionals.

Several years ago, a law professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia conducted a research study comparing 17 years' worth of jury verdicts with expert reviewers' opinions of the outcomes that should have prevailed.

File a wrongful death lawsuit to reclaim financial losses

A wrongful death is basically any kind of death that can be attributed to someone else's negligence or intent to cause harm to another person. Usually, reckless indifference or gross negligence is the main cause of wrongful deaths. For instance, a driver who texts while driving could cause a crash that kills someone and be faced with a wrongful death claim.

Wrongful death claims are normally used to help families of the person who died receive compensation for his or her death. The survivors, who may be the person's children, sisters, brothers, parents, or other close relatives, may have been impacted financially and emotionally by the death of their loved one. For instance, if the person killed was the primary wage earner, his wife and all of his children may now be struggling to afford their home or schooling.

Popular swimming hole site of several drownings

Two rocky precipices jutting out over Pennsylvania's Schuylkill River in Port Clinton have become the focus of local law enforcement and other agencies. Officials are striving to prevent more drowning deaths at the popular swimming hole from those who are trespassing on the property.

The two side-by-side cliffs have been dubbed "The Rock" and "Peace Rock" by generations of locals who have flocked to the scenic spot for decades. However, now that camera phones allow instant social media updates with photos of swimmers leaping off the rocks into the water below, people who never knew of the spot's existence now make the journey to visit.

Car hits local Petco and results in 1 customer injury

Imagine going to the store to buy a few last-minute essentials, but suddenly you wake up in a daze with debris all around you. That's what can happen when a vehicle collides with the wall of a store and what did happen in the case of a vehicle striking a Petco in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. If you've been involved in an accident like in the following story, it's important to remember that you've been victimized by a person's negligence. That means that you should be able to seek compensation to help you make up your lost wages, medical bills and more.

According to the news from August 2, the crash at Petco took place at around 3:30 p.m. on a Sunday when a driver suddenly lost control of her vehicle and collided with the store. While the driver wasn't injured by the impact, a customer inside was injured and suffered minor wounds. The customer had to be taken to the hospital for the treatment of those injuries.

Can minors be plaintiffs in wrongful death cases?

One of the saddest aspects of a wrongful death case is the minor children who are left without one or both of their parents due to an individual's or entity's negligence.

The Pennsylvania courts take their responsibility very seriously when it comes to settlements and judgments awarded to minors and incapacitated adults in wrongful death cases. When such persons have an interest in a wrongful death action, the litigation may not be discontinued, settled or compromised without the court's approval when petitioned by a party in interest. It is the responsibility of the court to make sure that these actions are equitable and fair.

Compensation types can vary for victims of disfigurement

Scars and disfigurement are some of the hardest kinds of personal injuries to live with. You're reminded that you look different, talk different because of how your face is shaped, or even that you may not be able to smile or smell something you used to enjoy. Whether this injury took place because of an explosion at work or a car crash caused by someone who was distracted, you have and deserve the right to be treated with the best medical attention available.

Victims of disfigurement have some different kinds of compensation that may be available to them. For instance, one surgery many patients want to have is reconstructive surgery. In some cases, this can help patients remove scars or repair the look of damaged bone or cartilage. Plastic surgery is another option, and skin-grafting options can help cover and eliminate scarring or other damage.

Is a structured settlement the right choice for me?

If you have a pending personal injury case in the Pennsylvania courts, chances are good that you will be approached with a settlement offer.

Litigation is expensive, and in cases where the plaintiff suffered disabling injuries, the defendant's attorney may decide it is in his or her best interest to settle the case. Such settlements can be paid out in a lump sum or dispersed in increments at regular intervals.

Help for Philadelphia car accident victims

The hours following a Philadelphia car accident can be confusing, scary and painful for injured crash victims. With adrenaline pumping through your veins, it can be difficult to stay focused after a crash but it is important -- at the very least -- to do the following.

First, injured parties should call 911 to receive medical attention and have police come to investigate the crash site. Unless you have been dismissed by an on-duty officer, or unless you are being transported away from the accident scene in an ambulance, you are legally required to remain at the scene of the crash to answer any police questions.

Make your parasailing experience a safe one

Many people seek out novel leisure activities while enjoying their summer seashore vacation. One recreational activity that has gained popularity in recent years is parasailing.

Tragic parasailing accidents in recent years in another state captured headlines across the country. To make sure that your parasailing experience is as safe as possible, the following tips may be helpful.

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