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Defendants and plaintiffs in Amtrak crash join in court motion

Litigation can make for some unlikely bedfellows, and this maxim is clearly illustrated in the pending lawsuits filed by those injured in the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia and the survivors of those who were killed.

Originally, attorneys representing some of the plaintiffs filed a request to have the lawsuits for the derailment consolidated and heard by a United States District judge. The defendant, Amtrak, recently joined the bid for consolidation.

Seeking financial restitution after a Philadelphia dog attack

Contrary to popular misunderstanding, a dog bite incident is often classified as a premises liability claim. That is because the owners and/or managers of a specific piece of property are legally obligated to keep that property reasonably safe and free of things that could harm other people. These things include dogs.

At Silvers Langsam & Weitzman, PC, we are constantly saddened by the dog bite incidents we see, especially when the dog bite leaves its victim or victims with disfiguring scars and other serious injuries. Not only can dog attacks leave their physical marks, but they can also leave psychological marks for the rest of a dog attack victim's life. Those psychological wounds often present themselves in the form of an intense fear of dogs and other kind of animals.

Elevator maintenance a must for safety

According to the Emporis database of building information, the city of Philadelphia is home to 382 high-rise buildings. That makes for a lot of high-use elevators, some of which may have not been modernized in quite awhile.

The chairman of the Codes and Standards committee for the National Association of Elevator Contractors stated that "the standards for elevator operations 20 years ago are no longer the same today."

Suing for wrongful death may bring closure

Wrongful death means that you have lost a loved one because of someone else's, or a company's, negligence. This includes murder. The victim's family can sue for wrongful death and can be recompensed for their loss. Many of these cases that are brought in civil court are because of a criminal trial. A criminal trial is brought before the court by the government of the United States or the state of Pennsylvania.

In order to bring this type of suit there are certain elements that need to be in evidence: There must be a death caused by someone's negligence; you must be facing a monetary loss because of this person's death and you have to be the deceased person's representative.

Tips for safer summer vacation travel with children

All across America, families are heading off on vacations. Whether your destination is a short trip to the shore or halfway across the country, observe the following tips for safer traveling with children.

-- Small children should be securely anchored in either car or booster seats. Only children 14 and older should ride in the front seat.

Attorney needed in motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania

Motor vehicle accidents occur daily in Pennsylvania. Even if they are low speed accidents, there can be death and destruction if there is a car fire or a gas tank explosion. The results of a car crash like this can be catastrophic. There will be severe burning and injuries to the driver and passengers, and your car can be totaled.

Getting an attorney from the law firm of Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman, P.C., can be a good idea at a time like this. We have years of experience in dealing with all types of vehicle accidents and we can offer you a peace of mind. This peace of mind comes from knowing that we have dealt with this type of occurrence before and we know the ropes.

Painkiller overdoses tied to malpractice

Philadelphia has seen its share of the heartache prescription drug abuse brings to individuals and families. Anyone who has lost a loved one to addiction knows the tragedy all too well.

Those deadly pills make their way onto the street in a variety of illegal ways, but one major way is through the physicians that prescribe them.

Wrongful death suit needs an attorney for guidance

Wrongful death is always wrenching. One day, your loved one is laughing and talking to you, and the next he or she is gone. A civil suit for wrongful death is one way to have peace of mind and get a feeling of righteousness. It may even prevent the same thing happening to someone else.

A wrongful death suit can be brought by the personal representative of the decedent's estate. Every state, including Pennsylvania, has statutes that deal with wrongful death and this establishes the procedures for bringing a civil suit.

Am I responsible for the upkeep of my sidewalk?

Many people are confused over who is responsible for the upkeep of sidewalks that front a home. Is it the homeowner or the city?

In most circumstances, a person's property line stops short of the sidewalk itself, although depending on the location of the home and the construct of the sidewalk, it can extend to the sidewalk.

Couple seriously injured in Pennsylvania seek damages

When you take to the roadway in Pennsylvania, you don't expect anyone to hit you. You expect to be safe and you also expect drivers to behave defensively, not aggressively. One couple in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on a visit from North Carolina, have suffered great injury because another driver was careless and did not pay proper attention while driving.

The two people who were seriously injured in this car accident have sued the owner and the driver, of the car that caused the injury. They are both from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The injured parties state that there was a violation of traffic laws.

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