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Medical malpractice in Pennsylvania needs a strong advocate

We hold the medical professionals to a very high standard and when they, through carelessness or simple neglect, disappoint us, we want to take action. When doctors and nurses, who have taken an oath to protect and provide care for our loved ones, fail us, somber circumstances can prevail. Because of their medical error, your loved one is suffering or has perished. Calling in an experienced attorney at this point can be critical because time is of the essence in a case like this.

The attorney team at Silvers, Langsam and Weitzman in Pennsylvania can offer you relief, comfort and skill at helping you get a sense of justice. Having your loved one suffer needless neglect in a nursing home is unforgivable. Some of the errors that are common are having the wrong prescription drug ordered and given, a misdiagnosis of the problem that leads to a wrong prescription being administered, giving your loved one the wrong dosage level and even not giving the drug prescribed with needed food or water.

Black Friday risks for Philadelphia shoppers

Philadelphia shoppers who brave the cold and queue up outside of retailers all over the city on Black Friday -- considered the biggest shopping day of the year -- should be mindful of hazards that can possibly occur.

The deep discounts on high-ticket and popular items offered to consumers by retailers on the day after Thanksgiving attracts massive crowds of Black Friday bargain hunters. Store owners have a responsibility to both their customers and employees alike to maintain safe premises without known hazards that can cause injuries or worse.

Can serious injury on holidays be avoided in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, the question of how we can reduce the number of fatalities and injuries during the Thanksgiving holiday must be raised because it is estimated that approximately 418 deaths will occur from vehicle accidents. An additional 44,700 will be injured during the holiday week-end and this is too many. The National Safety Council has given guidelines along with these estimates on how we can all be safer.

Many times, through no fault of your own, you experience injury or loss at the hands of someone else. If you have been involved in a car accident that led to an injury, or you have lost a loved one because of this type of situation, it may be a good idea to speak to someone who can not only listen to your grievance but can assist you in getting satisfaction for you injury or loss.

Policeman saved by teen, other man from fiery Philadelphia wreck

Adults sometimes disparage the younger generation for being callous and self-absorbed, but one Philadelphia police officer owes his life to two young men, ages 17 and 24.

Both young men are being called heroes for their selfless acts of bravery on Nov. 8 when they rescued the policeman from his burning patrol car after a fiery collision occurred at Tasker and 28th Streets in South Philly.

Wrongful death in Pennsylvania is decided in a court of law

Wrongful death in Pennsylvania is a wide category in legal terms. It can mean everything from murder to product liability. When someone dies, the first question that his or her loved ones ask is, "Why?" The second question is, "How?" When you have the answer to these two questions, you know whether you can proceed with a civil case of wrongful death. A professional who is skilled in examining, researching and discovering the truth about your loved one's death is invaluable at a time like this. Someone who can listen to you and get all the facts to proceed can make a huge difference.

The elements of a wrongful death suit must begin with the basics: someone died as a result of negligence or by someone's hand with an intent to harm that person. Family members are left behind who are suffering, not just emotionally, but also practically, due to the loss of monetary value that the deceased person provided. One of the loved ones must have been appointed the executor of the estate of the person who died and is filing suit.

Medical malpractice claims now harder to prove in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia residents who suffered a worsening medical condition or lost loved ones due to a medical practitioner's negligence may find that it has become harder to get adequate compensation for their damages and losses through medical malpractice litigation.

The president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society says that the high cost of doctors' medical malpractice insurance was a factor in driving doctors out of the state.

Elevator accidents may require a professional in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, workplace accidents occur in many places, even in elevators. There are more than a half million elevators in the United States and more than 100 billion people take the elevator every year. While passenger safety is a major concern that elevator manufacturers have, as well as business owners that own the elevators, accidents happen every day.

Injury and even death happen in elevators and you may want to contact a professional who can assist if you or a loved are hurt or killed due to a defective elevator. There may be defects in the elevator or maybe the elevator has not been inspected as often as it should be. Regular maintenance should also be done.

Deaths, serious injuries can result from texting and driving

Philadelphia drivers who text and drive or become so animated or absorbed in their telephone conversations while driving never think that their inattentiveness will result in someone's death or dismemberment.

But for one young Pennsylvania woman, the reality of the dangers is ever-present. Six years ago, she suffered horrific injuries in the highway accident that killed both of her parents as they drove her back to their Lancaster home following her college graduation. The driver who blew through an intersection, causing a semi to collide head-on with her parents' vehicle, was talking on his cellphone at the time of the fatal crash.

What is required before a medical malpractice case can proceed?

The state of Pennsylvania requires a finding of negligence by a doctor before a lawsuit alleging medical malpractice can move forward. At Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman, P.C., we work with medical investigators and experts to prove negligence occurred so that a client's medical malpractice case can move forward.

Medical malpractice cases are often complex and time-consuming. Because there is so much at stake with our clients, we want to ensure that all aspects of our clients' lives are evaluated. This may include consultations with life care planners and economists to determine what type of care will be needed in the future and what that type of care will cost. In addition, we determine other types of damages to seek, such as lost wages, loss of companionship, emotional trauma and more.

Premises liability claims vigorously defended in city

There are many ways that you might get injured walking on the streets or conducting business in Philadelphia. You could trip over a piece of broken curb while crossing the street, be struck by a police car as it pursues a suspect or even stumble and fall inside a hallway inside of city hall.

While that list of possibilities is certainly not all-inclusive, it does open up the possibility of premises liability litigation against owners of private businesses or the city of Philadelphia itself.

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