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What can be done when a serious injury is impacting my health?

When you are injured in Pennsylvania due to no fault of your own, you may feel that you are justified in seeking restitution for the damage that has been caused. Your lost wages and medical bills need remuneration. One of the issues that comes up when discussing injury is the occurrence of pressure sores. These are also called pressure ulcers.

These can be quite serious and are caused by not being cared for properly. A non-mobile person needs to have one's position changed every two hours or more in order to avoid this type of injury. Bony areas are the most likely to develop pressure sores. Ensuring that loose clothing is worn is important because tight clothing can exacerbate the problem.

Pennsylvania medical malpractice laws summarized

Medical malpractice cases in Pennsylvania can be quite complex to litigate, as there are many rules of law and dates of proscription to observe. Below is a summary of statutes regarding the process.

In Pennsylvania, the collateral source rule provides that the plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases can receive financial remuneration even if they already were compensated from other sources. In many cases, the damage awards are subject to subrogation or liens from health insurance or other sources.

Pennsylvania has laws governing wrongful death

When you lose a loved one due to the negligence of a company or the carelessness of an individual in Pennsylvania,, you feel a great loss. Whether or not the person who is responsible for the death of another person is convicted of the wrongful death, there may still be a civil case brought against them. Many times, the person who is being accused has been charged and is involved in a criminal trial as well. He or she may be found liable for a wrongful death suit. There may well be a preponderance of evidence against the one being charged.

When you bring a wrongful death suit against another person, you have to be the personal representative of the dead person's estate. In other words, you need to be the executor of the person's estate. When you file for a wrongful death suit, it must be compared to the "wrongful death statute" of the state of Pennsylvania.

Federal agency probes truck crashes, proposes regulations

Coloradans depend on the goods, foods and raw materials that are shipped to and from our state every day in the big rigs driven by commercial freight haulers. But the statistics show that collisions with these behemoths of the highway can be quite deadly.

In 2012, truck crashes injured over 100,000 people and killed 4,000 others across America. The National Transportation Safety Board has reached out to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to beef up their oversight of vehicles, operators and drivers. Improving the system to ensure the trucking company complies with all safety regulations involving its fleet of trucks and their drivers can make our highways safer for everyone. Establishing a comprehensive system to ensure that bad operators can slip back into the system under a different name is paramount.

Honda fined $70 million by federal government

In Pennsylvania, motor vehicle accidents happen every day. Sometimes, no matter what you do to avoid it, you get into an accident. If your car has safety issues, as some Hondas seem to have lately, you may want to see what the federal government is doing to avoid any further injury and death.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway and Safety Administration has hit the Honda Corporation with a $70 million civil penalty for not reporting numerous deaths and injuries that occurred when people were behind the wheel of the car. The corporation will make two $35 million dollar payments in 2015 to the NHTSA and third parties.

Steps to take in medical malpractice cases in Philadelphia

Philadelphia residents have the right to a proper standard of care from their medical providers. If they or their loved ones are injured due to negligence, misdiagnosis or poorly rendered medical care, they may be eligible for compensation.

In order to be compensated, however, certain steps must first be taken. The injured party should first attempt to communicate with the physician or other medical professional responsible for the wrongdoing. Sometimes, that is all it takes for the health care professional to fix the problem. In a majority of cases, they will usually do so without charging the patient in order to make it right.

Serious injury can occur when near electricity in Pennsylvania

When you are injured seriously due to an electrical problem, it can be extremely painful and have a long recovery period. Electrical injury is not just something that happens to workers, it can happen to the general public as well. It comes from a direct contact with the electrical site. Sometimes, the injury is a minor burn; however, most of the time, the injury is internal and is hard to manage without a lot of medical involvement.

The accidental contact that you have with exposed parts of electrical appliances, wiring or even flashing of electrical arcs from high-voltage power lines can cause injury. Machinery that is used daily by workers can also be a major cause of electrical injury.

Slip and fall cases can be ore complex than they first appear

Philadelphia residents have probably heard of the branch of tort litigation known as premises liability. Slip and fall cases are yet another subsection of that group.

Some slip and fall premises liability cases are as simple as a customer being injured after slipping in a puddle of liquid on a grocery store floor. Others may involve claimants who twisted an ankle or dislocated a knee when tripping over an uneven sidewalk in front of a business. Some companies dodge liability by obtaining summary judgments from the courts that indicate the injured invitees failed to exercise ordinary care for their own safety.

What happens when a child or older person dies in wrongful death?

When you lose a loved one to the negligence or thoughtlessness of a company or another person, and you file a civil suit, the court has a task set before it that isn't an easy one to do. They must assign worth to the life of the person who perished based on his or her wage potential and other factors such as loving, nurturing, how many children are left behind and even loss of property if there was a car accident.

The fact that children die in wrongful death settings in Pennsylvania is particularly heartbreaking, and the court, unfortunately, has to assign a dollar amount to the life of the child, who will be missed by his or her parents, potential child rearing services and companionship along with some other elements. Some of those elements are the age and sex of the child, life expectancy, work potential, what state of health he or she was in and the habits the child had. The court considers the child's earning potential along with the fact that the person seeking recompense has a relationship with the child and how close he or she was to the child.

How are medication errors tracked and reported?

When you fill your prescription at a Philadelphia pharmacy, do you ever wonder if the correct medication, dosage and instructions have been given to you? It can be a real cause for concern, as there is no state or national registry tracking the rate of medication errors for individual pharmacies.

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices is an independently operated non-profit that analyzes errors in prescribed medication, possible hazardous conditions and barely-avoided incidents of wrongly-prescribed medicines. However, these errors and near misses must first be self-reported by medical practitioners and pharmacists.

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