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Nearby state passes sweeping dog bite legislation reform

Most Pennsylvania residents would assume that any dog owner would be held responsible if the animal attacked a human. Although that seems reasonable, the fact remains that many states still do not use strict liability principles to govern cases involving dog bites. Nearby neighbor Maryland, however, has made a step to equalize dog bite legislation by eliminating provisions designed to marginalize so-called "dangerous" breeds. Under the pending legislation, victims will be able to successfully seek financial compensation for injuries suffered during a dog bite attack, no matter the breed of dog.

Student files suit against school for attack, inadequate security

A student at a Philadelphia school is seeking financial compensation after suffering a serious attack from a fellow collegian. The man has filed a lawsuit alleging that Villanova University provided inadequate security on campus, causing him to suffer serious injuries when he was assaulted by another student in September 2012. The victim was so injured that he required surgeries to his nose and other facial structures.

Dog bite victim calls for tougher laws in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania dog bite victim is alleging that the state's legal mandates do not provide enough protection for vulnerable residents. The man, who was attacked by a neighborhood dog in late February, is calling for additional sanctions that could include the confiscation of violent animals. The man, whose wife was also nearly injured in that dog bite incident, said he had lived in fear that the dog would attack him; sadly, his anxiety was well-founded.

Club owners facing premises liability suit after ceiling collapse

When music lovers in Philadelphia plan a night out to watch one of their favorite artists, they rarely suspect that they will suffer a serious injury. However, nightclubs fall victim to the same types of structural woes that plague other establishments, and they often face premises liability action because of injurious accidents that occur on their grounds. In one of the most recent accidents, a Chicago woman was transported to the hospital after the collapse of a venue ceiling. The woman is seeking financial compensation from the club's owners after suffering head injuries including a concussion.

Woman gets $75,000 for slip-and-fall accident on icy road

A woman from Pennsylvania's regional neighbor of Connecticut has won a $75,000 settlement after suffering injury during a slip-and-fall accident. The 60-year-old woman said she was injured in 2009 while crossing the street in an East Hartford government-owned housing complex. The woman had a slip-and-fall accident because of the slick pavement. She had alleged that the town failed to address the hazardous conditions on the road, creating danger for pedestrians in the area. Government officials voted to offer the woman a settlement instead of fighting the 2011 claim in civil court. They said fighting the suit in a jury trial could prove far more expensive than simply settling the matter.

Fire escape accident leaves 1 dead, 2 seriously injured

A young man was killed and two women were seriously harmed after they fell from a fire escape in Philadelphia's Center City on Jan. 11. The decedent, age 22, died in the premises liability accident when he stepped onto the fire escape to smoke a cigarette during a party at the apartment complex. Both of the women, ages 25 and 26, broke their backs in the fall, but they are currently in stable condition. Official reports show that the trio plunged about 30 feet onto the concrete in the 200 block of South 22nd Street. Although officials say the building has not been cited for safety violations in the past, an investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Philly landlord under fire for fatal slip-and-fall accident

Landlords and retail operators are required by law to make sure that their facilities are safe for the people who occupy them. That means that commercial building owners and operators must ensure that floors are free and clear of trip hazards, and that potential slip-and-fall accidents are prevented by keeping the floor clean and dry. Sadly, this was not the case for one East Coast man, whose case is being heard in Philadelphia court. A recently filed lawsuit claims that the man suffered fatal injury thanks to a wet floor in an apartment complex in Northwest Philadelphia. The accident happened in January 2012.

Victims shot at nightclub concert, inadequate security blamed

Scores of Philadelphia residents attend concerts throughout the region every year, hoping to have a good time and enjoy their favorite music. A recent incident on the East Coast left several people injured, however, after a local nightclub posted inadequate security personnel, and at least four people were shot. The incident occurred shortly after a show at a Delaware night club where hip-hop artist Meek Mill had just performed a show. Authorities postulate that at least two shooters were involved in the incident, which sent two victims to the hospital. Two others were treated at the scene.

OSHA reports on deadly Philadelphia building collapse

Last June, the city of Philadelphia was rocked by the sudden, deadly collapse of a building onto an adjacent Salvation Army Store, killing six people. The building was being torn by a professional demolition company at the time; a section of wall somehow fell down in the wrong direction, crushing the Salvation Army Store. The fatal accident made national headlines and left viewers wondering how it could have happened.

Children sickened by carbon monoxide poisoning

Contact sports have a number of different safety hazards - broken bones, concussions, cuts and abrasions and even more serious injuries are all possible. Coordinators of sports such as football and hockey go through great pains to minimize these threats, but there is one danger that is outside their control: threats related to the venue itself.

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