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Do you know how to avoid being bitten by a dog?

The best way to deal with a dog bite is to avoid getting bitten in the first place. If that sounds simplistic, consider this. Most dogs do everything in their power to communicate their intentions to you before resorting to biting. Below are some tips to help you from becoming a dog bite statistic.

Compensation types can vary for victims of disfigurement

Scars and disfigurement are some of the hardest kinds of personal injuries to live with. You're reminded that you look different, talk different because of how your face is shaped, or even that you may not be able to smile or smell something you used to enjoy. Whether this injury took place because of an explosion at work or a car crash caused by someone who was distracted, you have and deserve the right to be treated with the best medical attention available.

Helping clients feel comfortable during their legal proceedings

At Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman, PC, we lead our clients through their personal injury cases by advising them and educating them about their legal rights and options during every step of their legal proceedings. Not only does this help us build a strong relationship of trust and confidence with our clients, but it also may help them achieve a suitable and appropriate result in their cases.

Couple seriously injured in Pennsylvania seek damages

When you take to the roadway in Pennsylvania, you don't expect anyone to hit you. You expect to be safe and you also expect drivers to behave defensively, not aggressively. One couple in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on a visit from North Carolina, have suffered great injury because another driver was careless and did not pay proper attention while driving.

How can I keep my family safe at the shore this summer?

Summer is here, and it's time to head to the beach! If you and the family have plans to spend some time down at the shore this summer, it's important to follow some basic safety rules to reduce the likelihood of tragedy. Check out the below tips for a safer beach experience for all.

I lost a limb in an accident. What can I expect as I heal?

One of the most traumatic injuries one can suffer is amputation. Whether the limb was severed during the traumatic event itself or was surgically removed later because the damage was too extensive, amputation is a life-altering experience.

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Birth Injury Attorneys Pennsylvania & New Jersey Lawyers

http://www.myphillylawyer.com 215-789-9346 Throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman has extensive experience representing families of children who have sustained birth injuries, including Erb’s Palsy and Cerebral Palsy.

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http://www.myphillylawyer.com 215-789-9346 Medical malpractice is when a healthcare provider causes injury by a deviation from the standard of care. If you’ve been injured due to medical negligence, contact My Philly Lawyer for help in PA and NJ.

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http://www.myphillylawyer.com 215-789-9346 If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, contact My Philly Lawyer right away for personal injury representation. They represent car crash cases throughout Philadelphia and New Jersey.

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